Astro Orbiter

Located high above Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, you will find the Astro Orbiter.  As someone who grew up going to Disney, this was one of the few rides I had never tried, so I was excited to get to experience it for the first time with my preschooler.

On the Astro Orbiter you fly in a rocket ship in a circle around planets, and you have the ability to move your rocket ship higher or lower.  You definitely feel a bit of the whip as you go around, but you are rewarded with incredible views of Cinderella Castle and the rest of the park.

There is no height restriction for this ride, and FastPass+ is not available.

Tip: Since FastPass+ is not offered, and it is a slow loading ride, the line can easily get 45+ minutes long.  Try riding at the beginning or end of the day for shorter waits.

Tip 2: This is a great point to have a snack in line, as the queue is compact and slow moving.  We usually grab a pretzel from the nearby Lunching Pad, which also helps pass the time with a younger kid.

Astro Orbiter elevator

The queue for the Astro Orbiter is located at Rockettower Plaza, under where the PeopleMover loads.  Most of your waiting is done there, and then you ride an elevator up to the ride’s loading platform.

Inside of an Astro Orbiter rocket

Two or three people can ride in each rocket, and you sit one person in front of the other  with one long seatbelt around everyone.  There is no seat divider, and the person in the back puts their legs to the sides of the person(s) in front (so this ride works better with family members or people you are comfortable with).  You also have to step up a bit and down into the rocket.

Pros:  What kid (or adult) doesn’t want to ride in a rocket ship?  The views of the Magic Kingdom from the loading platform and ride are very cool as well.

Cons:  No FastPass+ is offered, so the line can get long.  Also, even though there is no height restriction, I personally would not take a baby on this ride due to the force of the spinning and the seating arrangements.

Kids Ratings:  1/2 out of 5.  My preschooler has willingly waited for this ride even when knowing the wait was long.