Nestled in the shadow of Cinderella Castle is one of my all-time favorite Walt Disney World dining stops – Sleepy Hollow.  Located in Liberty Square, this quick service restaurant features sweet and savory waffle sandwiches, funnel cakes and pretzel dogs.  There’s even a Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich available until noon.

The Food

While the Sleepy Hollow menu has a number of sweet treats, like Mickey waffles or funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar or strawberries and whipped cream, my family makes a meal out of the tasty waffle sandwiches.

My favorite is the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich, which is now being served with house-made chips.  In fact, it’s one of my absolute favorite things to eat in all of Walt Disney World.  The freshly made waffle contains a piece of boneless, batter-fried chicken in a sweet and spicy (but not too spicy) sauce, plus slaw to add some coolness and freshness to each bite.  I usually start by holding it but end by using a fork and knife, as the flavors start to soak into the waffle.

My preschooler’s favorite is the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich.  This freshly made waffle is filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread (think Nutella) and topped with strawberries, bananas and blueberries.  It tastes like a dessert, but it does have a large portion of fresh fruit, which makes it a hit for both kids and parents.

The Seating

The only possible negative of Sleepy Hollow is the seating.  All of the seating is outside and only about half of it is covered or shaded.  On a pleasant day it’s perfect, and if you time it right, you can listen to Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire castle stage show or the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party.  However, when it’s hot out, it’s hot out out, so use your own judgement. (Tip: remember to ask for free cups of ice water when you order.)  Also, tables can occasionally be covered in powdered sugar, but Cast Members are usually pretty quick to wipe them up.


Kids Rating: out of 5.  The waffle sandwiches get a solid 5, but the location doesn’t have much in the form of theming or entertainment for kids.  A major plus is that it has a kid-friendly offering with a variety of fresh fruit, which is a nice alternative to the prepackaged bag of grapes that typically comes with quick service kids meals.