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Strollers at Walt Disney World


Here are some important things to know about taking a stroller to Walt Disney World.

In the Parks

  • Strollers are not allowed in any of the attraction lines (or inside the Land pavilion at Epcot).  Instead, you must park your stroller in a designated “Stroller Parking” area.  These are conveniently located throughout the parks and easy to find (just look for the sea of strollers), but if you can’t find one, a cast member will be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Your stroller will probably be moved – but it’s okay! Cast members are constantly moving strollers around within the same stroller parking area to keep everything in order.
    • Tip: Tie something bright on your stroller to make it easier to find (a ribbon, sign, etc.).

  • It’s okay to leave your stroller parked in one place for an extended period of time.  You can go on multiple rides and/or let your little one walk for a bit before coming back to get your stroller at your convenience.
    • Tip: If there is a chance of rain, leave a cover, a plastic garbage bag or a disposable poncho over your stroller.  Most stroller parking areas are not under cover.
    • Tip 2: Don’t leave open food in your stroller.  Cute woodland creatures will take it.
  • Most restaurants typically do not allow strollers inside (though there are sometimes exceptions).
    • Tip: If your child is asleep in their stroller at mealtime and you want to grab a bite to eat without waking them, look for a quick service restaurant with outside seating.  You can then park your stroller right next to your table.


While some modes of Walt Disney World transportation allow you to keep your stroller open and your child inside, others require you to remove your child and fold up your stroller.

  • Parking lot trams – required to fold up strollers.
    • Tip: If you don’t want to deal with folding up your stroller, you can also walk to the entrance (though it can be a little far depending on where you park at the Magic Kingdom/Ticket and Transportation Center parking lot).
  • Disney busses – required to fold up strollers.
  • Monorails – Can keep strollers open and child seated.  Just be prepared to lift the stroller slightly to get it from the platform onto the monorail.
  • Ferryboats – Can keep strollers open and child seated.  The ferryboats run between the Magic Kingdom and the Ticket and Transportation Center.
  • Friendship boats – Can keep strollers open*, but you may be asked to remove your child while boarding (depending on weather/water conditions).  These boats run between Epcot, Epcot area resorts and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Magic Kingdom area resort boatsdepends.  On the larger motor cruiser boats you can keep strollers open* (but may be asked to remove your child while boarding), but you are required to fold up strollers on the smaller motor launch boats.
  • Sassagoula River Cruise/Disney Springs Water Taxis – Can keep strollers open*, but may be asked to remove your child when boarding. These boats run various routes between Disney Springs and the Port Orleans Riverside, Port Orleans French Quarter, Old Key West and Saratoga Springs resorts.
  • Trains – On the Walt Disney World Railroad in the Magic Kingdom and the Wildlife Express at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you are required to fold up strollers.  The Wildlife Express also has stroller parking available right before the station if you don’t want to take your stroller with you (you will return to that same station after you are done at Rafiki’s Planet Watch).
  • Magical Express – required to fold up strollers and store underneath the bus.

*Subject to change at any time pending space, water/weather conditions and boat captain’s discretion.

Other Considerations

  • Regular vs. umbrella stroller – While an umbrella stroller is lighter, you might want to consider a stroller that reclines if your child still naps or if you are planning to be in the parks late.  It also helps to have a stroller with a cover for some shade from the Florida sun.
  • Bring vs. rent – If you don’t want to bring a stroller with you, you can also rent one from Disney in the four theme parks and Disney Springs or from an outside company.  The Disney strollers are hard molded plastic (so better for older kids) and can be rented daily for $15 (single) and $31 (double).  If you are renting for more than one day, you can get a reduced daily rate for your length of stay of $13 (single) and $27 (double).  However, keep in mind that they must remain in the theme parks and Disney Springs.  Here’s some more information on Disney stroller rentals, as well as their recommended outside stroller rental companies.
  • Do you need one?  If your child has mostly or recently outgrown their stroller, you might still want to consider using one.  You will be walking way more at Disney than you would on a normal day, and a stroller can come in handy for when your child wants to have a snack, take a nap, or for when you are waiting for the parade.  You can always park your stroller in a central stroller parking area until you need it or rent a stroller from Disney.  Just don’t end up having to carry your child around Disney for the day… dealing with folding up strollers on busses and trams is much easier than dealing with that! (Trust me, I know!)


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