La Cantina de San Angel is a counter service restaurant located across from the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase that specializes in tacos, nachos, empanadas and other similar eats.


Originally, we were on a quest for some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup from the ever-elusive Taste Track. It was a cool (for Florida) winter day, and Tater will never say no to a grilled cheese.  But when we arrived, it was closed! I have attempted to get food from Taste Track on at least three separate trips, and it has been closed every single time (including 1:30 p.m. on Presidents Day). I have come to the conclusion that I will never get my Canadian Cheddar and Granny Smith apple deliciousness.

Anyway, without an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation), we needed a quick grilled cheese replacement. Where else in Epcot could we find some cheese melted between carbs?

Off to Mexico!

But first, a detour. When I asked Tater if he wanted to get lunch, I got a “No! Go inside the golden pyramid!”


Yes, that is exactly what he said, so we went inside the “golden pyramid” and took a quick ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros before finally getting in line for some food.

The kids menu at La Cantina de San Angel offers two kids meal options: Empanadas con queso or chicken tenders, both for $7.99. According to the menu, the empanadas come with tortilla chips and nacho cheese, and the chicken tenders come with tortilla chips and fruit. With both, you have the choice of lowfat milk, Nestlé Nesquick chocolate milk, soda, or a small Dasani bottled water.


We opted for the cheese empanadas, which also came with a pack of grapes (even though it wasn’t mentioned on the menu). I opted to save my carbs for other World Showcase treats, but the nachos did look pretty tempting.

So how was it? Well, Tater ate an entire empanada (there were two), which was impressive for him, and almost all of his grapes. I ate the other one… as well as most of the tortilla chips and nacho cheese. The nacho cheese wasn’t really spicy spicy but did have a tiny bit of a kick to it, which Tater would not have enjoyed. It was filling, but nothing special (it was like typical movie theater nacho cheese).


The main item was literally a huge glob of cheese fried in an empanada. If your child ever had the cheese quesadilla at Peco Bill’s in the Magic Kingdom, it’s pretty much the same, except crispy on the outside. Tater enjoyed his, but I personally found it a little lacking in flavor (and dunked mine in hot sauce). I was definitely glad the meal did end up including grapes to make it a little more balanced.

Overall, it was more than enough food for a toddler and a decent lunch option in the World Showcase for a child who likes familiar foods or is a picky eater. The empanadas con queso are also offered on the main menu, but with so many better options in the World Showcase, this was an adequate stop for just a quick kids meal.

Tip: Strollers are usually not allowed in the seating area, which is outdoors but covered, and seating can be hard to come by during peak meal times. However, after you get your food, walk past the serving areas towards the water and enter this double wooden door on your left.


The adjacent La Hacienda de San Angel is open for overflow seating during lunch only. Inside we found plenty of empty tables and booths, and it was a much more relaxed atmosphere than the outdoor seating. There were also a few stations with extra napkins, little cups of the two salsas/hot sauces that are available outside and plastic ware. Cast members were also inside cleaning up tables.


Kids Ratingmickbarmickbarmickbarmickbarout of 5. “That’s a good ‘dilla'” he said while taking a huge bite (he knows quesa”dilla” and not empanada… but close enough). I personally would rank it a 2.5 or a 3, but you know kids and their grilled cheeses… or in this case, cheese empanadas…