You’re as welcome as can be!

Welcome to, my guide to visiting Walt Disney World with a small child/children.  I look forward to sharing my top tips, food reviews and attraction reactions, all with a special focus on infants and toddlers.

So who am I? And why am I qualified to discuss such things?

Well, this is me:

image My name is Jess, and I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World every few years throughout my life.  My earliest Disney memory was when I was two or three years old and Dale pushed my uncle out of a booth so he could sit next to me at a character breakfast (but that’s getting a little off track…).

Fast forward a few decades, and I now have a child of my own.  For this sake of this blog, I will refer to him by his nickname, “Tater.”  Tater is almost two years old, but he is already a Walt Disney World veteran.

If you are a lifelong Walt Disney World fan, you are faced with a very challenging parenting decision after having a child – what is the right age to take a child to Disney for the first time?

At this point, I should pause to say that we are fortunate enough to only live a few hours drive from Walt Disney World, so when making this decision we knew it was not going to be a “once in a lifetime” trip for him.

Well, as luck would have it, when Tater was 7 1/2 months old, some family members from out of state were visiting Disney and asked if we wanted to meet them in Orlando for dinner.  Always the Disney plotter, I “innocently” suggested to my husband that just maybe we could spend one day at the Magic Kingdom… and just maybe we could get a four-day Florida resident pass to take Tater back later for his first birthday.  And so we did.

So how was taking an infant to the Magic Kingdom?

Well, first this happened…

Mickey ears

And then this happened…

Meeting mickey

I will share a whole lot more information about going to Walt Disney World with an infant in future posts, but let’s just say we were really looking forward to returning for his first birthday.

Taking him right at one year old was just as great as the previous trip, though we definitely learned a few lessons along the way (which I will share later.)

And then something happened that truly was the icing on his birthday trip cake.


Yep, on the final day of our Disney trip, he started WALKING on his own for the first time while we were in the Boneyard at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (and I’ve been chasing him ever since!).

There’s Disney magic, and then there is Disney MAGIC.

Needless to say, on our next trip a few months later, we became Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.  Now we visit the World about once a month on day or weekend trips, and I feel like I have this whole “traveling to Disney with a young child” thing down (though we are entering the “terrible twos,” so stay tuned…).

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing our Walt Disney World adventures with you!